The Future Is In 3DLogo for Sheer Industries Mobile app and website development company in Houston

The Future Is In 3D

If you have not met our CTO, Alexey Podlasov, allow me to provide a little background. Alexey did his post-doc research in visualization and image processing and has been key in architecting many of our app solutions and projects. He also led the R&D work in mobile-first 3D rendering.

Sheer Industries have been developing mobile apps for over 4 years now but had our roots in 3D mobile apps. More than ever, the demand for 3D and immersive visualization/experience tech is growing across industries. 

Recognizing that, we will be launching SI-3D, our 3D mobile capability and app development arm.

With Alexey leading the tech team, this service will focus on developing 3D related custom applications, such as object tracking 3D Augmented Reality or customizing our Cairnsmith interactive 3D solution for 3D designers and architects. We will also be developing applications for exciting new technologies like the Microsoft HoloLens.

If you are interested to know more or have any questions regarding 3D applications, drop us a note.