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What Goes Into An App ?

Curious what it takes to develop a mobile app? Here's a look at the characters behind the development of a good quality app.

To start, there's the project manager who is able to capture requirements and determine the scope and complexity (risks) of the development. In some cases, the project manager may work with software architects to establish overall strategy in developing the app. 

The wireframing and visual design phase involves the UX specialist, possibly someone with a background in Human-Computer Interaction. A graphic designer is then called upon to create the visual design of the screens and artistic elements from the wireframes.

Coding is generally separated into back-end and front-end development, each requiring different skillsets.

Backend developers are responsible for server side programming, database, management system as well as API development and integration. Their expertise may include capability in cloud set up and deployment.

Front end development involves the part of the app the user sees and interact with. Front end developers may use native code or programming environments like Object C/Swift (iOS) or Java (Android). They code to design as well as develop and deploy front end services and functionality.

Software testing encompasses both peer and QA reviews as well as independent test engineers performing system level requirements verification as well as robustness and usability tests.

Building a quality app, especially one with more complex requirements, involves a diverse team with various skills. You can read more about our development process or contact us if you'll like to learn more.