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It's Here and It Moves Fast

When The App Store was launched in 2008, there was just about 500 apps available for download. Today, there are over 1.4 million apps in the app store with over 100 billion app downloads worldwide. Last year, Google reported that their mobile search traffic had outpaced desktop search.

With developing countries and their consumers coming on-line in the coming years, there is no reason to expect mobility usage to slow anytime soon. What does this all mean and how does this affect your business?

Consider the following:

(1) Where and how are your customers discovering your products and services. In that same token, how are they discovering your competition.

(2) Consider how generational and demographic differences play into habits and norms in regards to customer engagement.

(3) How can mobility in your business operations bring about improved efficiency and productivity. What role does it play in employee morale, talent retention and attraction.

(4) How can mobility position your company to lead in the competitive landscape, now and tomorrow. How does it impact your branding, values and image.

(5) How do you continuously keep ahead of the potential disruption that technology brings. How do you understand the threats as well as opportunities mobility brings.

(6) How can mobility scale your business. As a critical element to your business, how is your mobile deployment maintained and supported.

Businesses are allocating more resources and attention to mobility than ever before. In many cases, businesses are adopting a mobile-first model when it comes to engagement tools, and in some , mobility is central to their overall business model.

We look forward and are excited to continue to be part of this transformation.