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Analytics 101

Analytics offers a powerful means to understand and measure the effectiveness of your website or app. It can be custom deployed to get you the best insights and intelligence and subsequently the confidence to evolve and improve your site or app for business growth.

To fully capitalize on this capability, an active analytics program should be part of your ongoing business consideration.  

Some common analytics data include user activity and sessions, events, crash logs, geographical distribution and even a measure of mobile vs. desktop browser visits to your site. Contact us if you'll like to learn more.

Bounce Rate: The instances of visitors entering and leaving the same page. A high bounce rate generally means the entry page did not captivate the visitor.

Click Through: An instance of a click on a link leading to another section of the site or page, or another website. 

Cookie: A file placed on the visitor’s computer while browsing a website. Cookies can be used to track returning visitors.

Entry Page: The first page viewed by a visitor to a website.

Exit Page: The last page viewed or the page from which the visitor exited the site.

Log Files: A server side file capturing all activities on the website. It is an important source of data for analysis and troubleshooting.

Page Duration: Time spent by visitors on a web page.

Page View: Each rendering of the web page by the server.

Referrer: Websites, Search Engines or Directories or any others identifiable as the origin of the visitor.

Return Visitor: An identified visitor, through cookies or authentication (logging in) with multiple visits.

Session: The record of a visitor browsing through the website. It includes an entry page, navigation and exit pages.

Visitor: Or sometimes, unique visitor, is generally an individual visiting the website over a specific period of time.