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What is Augmented Reality

You may or may not have heard of it. Perhaps you have heard of Virtual Reality (VR)? Unlike VR, which immerses the user in a fully digital environment, Augmented Reality (AR) mixes digital with real physical environment.

In short, AR allows you to enhance your interactive experience with your actual, physical surrounding environment with digital data through a visual interface such as a screen or lens. This enhancement may be in the form of graphics, animations, video or audio.

For example, suppose you are looking to furnish a room. With AR, you can visualize in 3D (real time) digitally how the furnishings would look and fit into the room space. AR would project the furniture into the room for you to see through your phone or tablet. Another example could possibly be watching a video or animation play right out of a milk carton on your breakfast table!   

AR has been in use for years in a wide range of industries and applications. From engineering or manufacturing to marketing and architecture, the creative use and applications of AR for a more engaging and immersive experience for users continue to grow.

AR is one of the many immersive experience technology gaining attention in investments and development. These include Apple’s purchase of Metaio, Google’s investment in Magic Leap, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR and even Microsoft’s development of Holograhpics computing through the HoloLens. We expect the coming years to be exciting in this regard.

Sheer Industries have been developing AR apps for over 3 years. You can see some of work on our website. If you are interested to learn more about AR or how it may benefit your work, please drop us an email.